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Welcome to Meggo's Gentle Grooming

A Cage-Free, Grooming Salon


The canine world is currently experiencing a respiratory disease of unknown origin, and understandably lots of folks are worried for their four-legged family members.  We want to let you know to please heed any advice from your veterinarian, even if that means canceling an appointment with us.  The health and safety of the dogs in our care is our primary concern, so if your pup is immuno-compromised, elderly, or unvaccinated it may be best to keep them away from other dogs for the time being.  We are cage-free, and so there is always some risk that we can't avoid with dog-to-dog contact, but we want to let you know what we are doing to help keep our shop disinfected and as safe as possible...

1) We are asking all our guests to please drop off and pick up as promptly as possible to reduce the amount of dogs waiting on the floor and sharing a space. 

2) We ask that you inspect your dog before your scheduled appointment for any sign of illness, and if any symptoms are observed, please call us immediately to cancel your appointment (yes, even if it is at the last minute, you will not be subject to a last-minute cancelation fee).  

3) Signs to look out for are:                                                             

- Cough                                                                 

-Runny Nose/ Eyes                                               




4) We will also inspect your dog when they arrive for signs of these symptoms, and we will ask any sick pets to please return home.  That said we assure you all that we will get your pups back on the schedule in a timely fashion as soon as they are well again.


5) We are rigorously disinfecting our shop in between dogs to keep the space sanitized.  Tubs, tables, floors, surfaces, equipment... even the air is being disinfected 4-5 times a day.  

6) We are washing our hands and sanitizing our aprons and smocks to be sure we are not passing germs on from one dog to another.

We are doing the very best we can to help contain the spread of this disease, and we will continue to work in partnership with our neighbors and fellows in the pet care community to spread awareness and answer any questions.  

Our Grooming Services

Bath and Brush


Nail Clipping and Filing

Full Haircuts

Detail Trimming

Face, Feet, Sanitary Trims

Wagging tails, Happy tales!

Furry Dog
"We have used Meg for grooming our dogs for many years. She is wonderful with the dogs and they are very comfortable with her. She has always done a great cut on them. We just got a new dog, who is timid and she was very gentle and easy with her. She knows how to treat all kind of personalities. We highly recommend her. She’s the best."


Dog Portrait
“Love love love. I am so happy. I told two more people already.”

Cindy J

Miles Doggo.jpg
“What a fantastic experience!!! The whole crew at the shop was super friendly and my boy Miles loved every minute. It was my first time taking him to a groomer since I rescued him in March and it was an incredible experience. He met new dog friends and the staff wanted to keep him. It's amazing to find a place that instantly makes you feel comfortable and happy to let them pamper your doggo. PLEASE, go see them and let them love your dog as much as you do!!! Miles was so happy after....the pic is him in the car ride home”


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